Excerpts from Chapter 1

Ritual Body Postures Discover how ritual body postures, such as those used in Yoga and Tai Chi, combine with meditation to tune your body’s antenna.
How Light Radiates Details what we think we know about how light radiates and the different frequencies our body’s can receive.
Overview of Frequency What’s the difference between frequency, wavelength, and bandwidth? What are waves? Discover this and more in an overview of frequency and wave types.
Antennas and the Physical Body Discover how the the human body is like an antenna and how we can tune to different frequencies.
Multi Antenna Arrays Participating in group meditations and exercises works like a large array of antennas to focus a signal. Find out how.
Near-Field and Far-Field Radiation Patterns The broadcast radiation pattern from an antenna is comprised of two very different fields. See how these work and how they are used for both meditation and MRI technology.
Impedance What keeps your antenna from being properly tuned and receiving higher frequencies?