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to both large and small groups.

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MaAnna sure knows her stuff! Instead of just scratching the surface of a particular topic, she is able to support her statements with in-depth scientific studies. Most importantly, she is able to translate complex technical ideas into ideas and images that everyone can understand.
Dr. Rita Louise
Just Energy Radio

MaAnna Stephenson is a powerhouse of information. I had no idea that our potential for having multiple 'ah-ha' experiences could be found within the pages of one book - The Sage Age. She is an exceptional guest on the radio having a wealth of knowledge at her disposal. She can take an interview in any direction and is never at a loss for meaningful words or profound concepts. Our conversation was both fascinating and informative. What a treasure I have found in this woman and her life-altering work.
Linda Woods
Windows to Wellness Alternative Talk Radio

MaAnna Stephenson's book THE SAGE AGE is an informative amalgam of spirituality and science, as well as a front line example of the shift away from the self-help and journaling trends in New Thought titles to a more serious look at the science that supports intuitive thought. Her discussion of her book on CALLING ALL AUTHORS on November 4, 2008 gives listeners detailed insights and opens the door to this growing genre.
Valeria Connelly
Calling All Authors

 Media Kit 

The Media Kit page
includes the following downloadable files:

  - Author bio in pdf version
  - Book synopsis in pdf version
  - Photos for print and web use
  - Interview questions
  - Contact and inquiry information

The Sage Age was featured
in the Sept. 22, 2008 edition of
Publishers Weekly

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Want a sneak peek
into topics from
The Sage Age?

Visit the Articles page
to discover:

- How the word "dimension" is used differently by scientists and intuitives.

- Why Einstein called non-locality and entanglement "spooky action at a distance."

- The origins of the harmonics of sound.

- If  texting on a cell phone is actually reconnecting us to an ancient art.

- What the word "quantum" really means.

- How newly discovered lightning types may affect our psyche.

- Why the study of fields and forces hold such an allure for science and intuitives.

- The wholistic implications of the famous two-slit experiment in physics.

- How the shape of things affects us.

- What we can learn from Dr. Emoto's other experiment with rice.

MaAnna is listed as an
Expert Author
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 Lectures & Classes 

Lecture Series

How Thoughts Become Reality
This engaging discussion covers the scientific investigation of thought including the PEAR studies, the Global Consciousness Project, mind-over-matter research, and using focused intent for healing. MaAnna will clarify the role of quantum physics in thought research and why Einstein called the ideas of non-locality and entanglement "spooky action at a distance."

Also discussed are recent breakthroughs in brain-mapping technology that allow hands-free interaction with machines by using thought alone as well as what the near future holds for melding mind and machines.

The talk includes the definition of thought-forms according to advanced intuitive practitioners and how our thoughts affect ourselves and others as well as color our world view. And, there will be a special treat at the end revealing scientific data that will be gathered during the lecture.

Lecture Schedule

Upcoming Lectures

Apr 25, 2010
Unity Church of Bowling Green KY
Disabilities Resource Initiative
624 Eastwood Avenue
Bowling Green, KY 43103
10:30 a.m.
visit their site


Previous Lectures

Nov 29, 2008
The Institute of Noetic Sciences
Knoxville, TN Chapter
see blog post


May 11, 2009
The Nashville Metaphysics Group
Nashville, TN
7:00 pm

May 3, 2009
Unity Church of Life
Murfreesboro, TN
see blog post


Jan 3, 2010
First Unity Church
Franklin, TN
Hosted by Nashville IONS Community

May 8, 2009
New Earth Center
Hendersonville, TN
6:00 pm


Jan 17, 2010
Unity Church for Positive Living
Hermitage, TN
Hosted by Nashville IONS Community


Upcoming Classes

Acoustics for Intuitives
Coming in 2010, this interactive class will be a wonderful resource of practical information for those who work with sound in a variety of modalities. The aim is to share information, tools, and models that you can actually put to use, whether you are an energy healer who incorporates sound therapy or if you just meditate to music. It's not even close to being a boring lecture on the physics of sound. We'll be playing with slinkys, pendulums, discovering the difference between wavelength and frequency, and how a circle works and what that has to do with the creation of waves.

 Audio Interview Archives

Listen to an introduction
from the author

Featured Interview
Just Energy Radio
with Dr. Rita Louise
Jan. 16, 2009

Toward The Light
with Rev. Juliet Nightingale
Sept. 21, 2008
Listen now

Author's Voice
with Joe Carroccio
Sept. 26, 2008
Listen now

Writers in the Sky Podcast
with Yvonne Perry
Oct. 3, 2008
Listen now

Calling All Authors
with Valerie Connelly
Nov. 4, 2008
Listen now

Beyond the Matrix
with Patricia Cori
Nov. 13, 2008
Archive unavailable

Windows to Wellness
with host Linda Woods
Jan. 23, 2009
Listen now

Cosmic Surfing
with host Kim Gould
Feb. 17, 2009
Listen now

 Text Interview Archives 

Interview with Wayne Hurlbert
on Blog Business World
Oct. 20, 2008

Interview with Dyan Garris
on Voice of the Angels
Oct. 20, 2008

Interview with Yvonne Perry
on Writers in the Sky Blog
Oct. 3, 2008

 Blog Tour Links 

The following links are for The Sage Age
Virtual Blog Tour, October 19-27, 2008

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