What Really Started the Quantum Revolution

Many folks assume that Einstein and his famous E=mc2 equation single-handedly started the quantum revolution. Actually, Einstein put the icing on a cake that had been baking for a few hundred years, and it was his other, lesser known equation that kicked off the whole quantum era and won him the only Nobel Prize he ever received. And, you may be shocked to learn how rooted in mysticism the whole thing is.

The Downside of Perfect Clarity

Everywhere you look now there are oodles of ads for books, DVDs, and conferences that will teach you the secret of attracting your heart’s true desires. They contain two key ingredients, which are clarity of vision followed by taking action. Some folks confuse clarity of vision with omniscience; that you can see, know, and understand all with perfect precision. But that’s not what clarity of vision is.

Sound and Light Poll Results

During a chat with a science column writer about his recent article on music from the sun, we had a bit of a difference of opinion on what lay-folks know about sound and light that could contribute to readers misunderstanding a few points in his article. (He didn’t have any false info in the article,…