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Reviewed by Wayne Hurlbert
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The technological and spiritual evolution of the human race is progressing very rapidly, writes MaAnna Stephenson in her landmark book The Sage Age: Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom. The author’s powerful achievement is her awareness of the interconnectedness, of the natural sciences and the human mind, leading to an emerging paradigm shift in scientific thought.

MaAnna Stephenson moves beyond New Age thinking about body harmonics and combines her intuitive analysis with hard scientific research and evidence. Instead of the usual polarization lack of discourse between the scientific community and the New Age practitioners, MaAnna Stephenson provides a bridge between the two modes of thought. The result is a synthesis of scientific reason with intuitive feeling. By traversing this seemingly infinite chasm, the book describes a new framework for science and for intuitive sensation.

MaAnna Stephenson approaches the latest research in cutting edge sciences including string theory and chaos theory with relativity and quantum physics with an eye to understanding them in a holistic way. Rather than the compartmentalized thinking that has dominated science in recent years, the author provides steps toward bringing science to the personal level. By demonstrating how the body is in tune with the universe, using the language of physics, biology, and chemisrty, MaAnna Stephenson develops her idea of the body as a finely tuned antenna.

For me, the power of the book is its groundbreaking combination of hard science with intuitive feeling. Like the long standing philosophical debate of mind and body unity, science and New Age thought have existed in separate realms. MaAnna Stephenson reunites science with both Eastern and Western philosophical schools, and then reconnects science with the inner self. She provides clear evidence that everything in the universe is part of its grandeur. The various scientific explanations and intuitive experiences are merely different approaches to the same age old puzzle.

I highly recommend The Sage Age: Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom by MaAnna Stephenson, to anyone seeking answers beyond those provided by the separation of science, religion, or New Age thought. In this remarkable book, MaAnna Stephenson achieves a holistic reunion of the self, with its place in the universe, through education and understanding.

Read The Sage Age: Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom by MaAnna Stephenson, and follow her thought from the body and the inner self to the formation of the universe with the Big Bang, and back again. The book carries you through every branch of scientific and intuitive thought, to reach across the bridge that separates these two solitudes, and unites them once again in the self.

Reviewed on Purposeful Growth

MaAnna Stephenson’s The Sage Age, Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom is an ideal reference book for the person interested and knowledgeable in the fields of science and spirituality. The Sage Age is not light reading, but is ideal for anyone eager to see these two fields of human endeavor gradually come together in a dance of intuition and rational thinking. Born in the small town of Humboldt, Tennessee, MaAnna began her journey as the youngest of three children with a huge age gap between her siblings and herself. Constant inclusion in the world of adults led to an early maturity and perhaps a different view of the world than most children experience – especially with the special gifts of the adults in her family.

From an early age she was exposed to a myriad of influences including her father’s engineering and artistic endeavors, her maternal line of intuitives, and an intrinsic fascination with sound and music. None of it was lost on young MaAnna. “My mother was also an intuitive, as were all the women in my immediate family. Having psychic senses was quite normal and the information derived from these methods was respected and adhered to. I became accustomed quite early to the fact that there were things – forces and powers – which could not be measured with a ruler but were just as real as anything I could see or touch.”

The Human Body Antenna

MaAnna skillfully explains difficult scientific topics such as the dual nature of light, quantum physics, and antennas and uses these descriptions to offer explanations for psychic phenomena. To her credit, MaAnna doesn’t attempt to prove that which cannot be proven, but offers examples, analogies, and research studies that may provide a basis for future scientific understanding of what is now the purview of spiritualists and intuitives.

For example, after describing how antennas broadcast and receive invisible energy she suggests the human body, with its array of bones, cell structure, and nerve paths, is also an antenna capable of broadcasting and receiving invisible energy. Thinking of the body as an antenna provides a basis for how humans can perceive the moods and emotions of others without verbal communication.

The Divergence of East and West

Eastern culture, which has accepted and utilized intuition and energy healing for centuries, and Western culture, only in recent years accepting holistic healing practices, have not always been separated. MaAnna provides an intriguing discussion of how East and West diverged.

The Sage Age is a 2008 publication of Nightengale Press. It is likely to become a foundational reference book for those willing to concede that the scientific method and intuitive acceptance are both appropriate approaches to human understanding of life, thought, and consciousness.

Reviewed by Joyce Anthony
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The fields of science and the intuitive arts are normally divided widely. Each normally sees the other as lacking somehow. MaAnna Stephenson agrees. In The Sage Age, MaAnna shows how both extremes are actually very much part of the whole. As Ms. Stephenson’s words emerged, I felt as though I was witnessing an intricate dance between science and intuition-they came together and parted, only to return to each other again and again, each step choreographed by the Universe to bring out the best in each.

The Sage Age is definitely not a light read. While MaAnna explains complicated topics in a way that makes them easy to understand, the book covers so much you need to take your time, re-reading sections and allowing the words to play out within your mind. I experienced many “a-ha” moments as I read. I can only imagine the wonders we could create if everyone understood the concepts that reside between the covers of this book.

Reviewed by Phil Harris
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So much is happening in the field of science with respect to the notions reality and creating one’s reality. We now know that all of our science is based upon our knowledge of only 4% of the physical universe, the rest being dark matter. Sages of ancient times KNEW of the connectedness of everything. They KNEW that all was energy. They KNEW that thought creates our reality and they KNEW that thought changes reality. Science is catching up with what was KNOWN thousands of years. DOES ALL OF THIS REALLY MATTER? In these days of turmoil it would benefit all to gain a greater understanding of the TRUE NATURE of things in order that we may shape the while to our desires and not having it shaped by others. READ THE SAGE AGE!

Reviewed on by Yvonne Perry
Author of RIGHT TO RECOVER: Winning the Political and Religious Wars Over Stem Cell Research in America

I had the pleasure of editing this book, and I have to say I’ve never read anything like it. If you are looking for a feel-good new age book, this is not your book. If you are looking for scientific facts to support some of the reports and findings of the new age community, read on.

Scientists reading this book and wanting to know why energy workers and intuitive practitioners inaccurately use terms such as light, vibration, and aura, will be surprised to learn that there is scientific support for what the intuitive tries to explain by using a spiritual language. It has been confirmed by experiments that show the subtle energies of the aura surrounding all living things hold the key to breakthrough understandings in biology and chemistry.

If you are a believer in psychic phenomena, you may be pleased to find that there are scientific terms, theories, and ideas that while they do not support such things as life after death, spiritual dimensions, or the ability to transfer energy, they make it impossible to disprove them.

Some of the greatest breakthroughs in science have come from controversy where one party decides to disprove the other only to find out that the theory they shunned was correct. It could be that their language and terminology was clouded and one term meant something entirely different to the other. Perhaps one called it light and the other called it frequency, but they were both speaking about the same thing.

One party not being able to explain to the other has been a problem between the scientific and new age communities for years. Those on the spiritual side have a hard time understanding why everything has to be proven. Where’s the faith in that? they ask. And yet scientists can’t prove some of the things they accept as common truth; things that are now being proven incorrect as new pieces to the mystery of the universe begin to unravel through the exploration of quantum physics, atom smashing, the new large Hadron Collider at CERN, simultaneous dimensions, and string theory.

History and the church have influenced societal beliefs and scientific research. If science attempts to bring forth information that rocks the foundation of religion, it will be fought with tenacity. Just look at how the religious, right wing minority has prevented stem cell research in America. Perhaps in our present age–the sage age–we are better prepared to examine ideas and theories without fear of punishment or rejection. This is the only way to learn the truth about anything–do the research, form a theory, and see if it holds up against the research others are doing.

Psychics or physics? Which is correct? Both and neither–depending upon which side you are on and what terms you use to describe your experience. The author doesn’t lean toward one side or the other. Being both a shamanka (female shaman) and an electronics expert, her expansive new work combines knowledge from the physical sciences and the intuitive arts to present an unbiased perspective that harmonizes these diverse disciplines into one body of knowledge. This book is sure to open the dialog and get both communities talking–hopefully to instead of about one another.

Reviewed on by Stephanie Clement

When I completed my Ph.D. studies and dissertation, I figured I had absorbed just about everything I ever wanted to know about systems theory, the New Age, and the interface between science and the mystical realm. That lasted for about an hour. More precisely, that lasted until the next time I walked by the Body/Mind/Spirit section in the bookstore.

For me, new books have a way of practically jumping off the shelf and into my hand. When I least expect it, I find some new twist that triggers a whole new train of thought.

The Sage Age is just such a book.

It’s been years since I actually studied wave and particle theory, and a lot has happened in the field of science since then. A whole lot. So even though I studied the subject, I needed a refresher to remind me what certain terms mean and how things actually work in the world of physics. I’ll give you an example of something new I learned from The Sage Age.

I had learned that lightning rises from the ground to the clouds. I always thought this was counter-intuitive, but that was what I was taught. I think I even saw a movie clip that proved it. I had also read works by Rolling Thunder, a Cherokee medicine man. Presumably he was given this name because there was rolling thunder around the time he was born. Now, where I grew up, rolling thunder was not as common as the crashing sounds resulting from direct lightning strikes.

Then I moved to Michigan. Rolling thunder is a regular feature of storms there, and I gained new appreciation for the phenomenon. However, rolling thunder made me question the validity of what I had been taught about lightning. Rolling thunder results from electrical charges existing in the clouds and never striking the ground. Hmmm…

In The Sage Age, MaAnna mentions that there are at least four kinds of lightning. Aha! Now what I was taught, what I intuit about lightning, and what I observe begins to make more sense! Lightning actually acts in a variety of ways. MaAnna brought disparate scientific facts and personal beliefs together for me into a neat little piece of wisdom. Beyond the recognition of various forms of lightning, I gained new appreciation for the many different ways I access intuitive wisdom–through meditation, dreams, waking visions, and other psychic means.

Each reader will find similar personal “Aha” moments in The Sage Age. You may understand lightning in all its glory, and then gain new insight into how waves work, or where the torus donut shape occurs in nature. Or if you are immersed in the sciences, you may gain new appreciation for intuition and how it works in your own life. It could even help to explain why that brand new book jumped off the shelf into your hands!

Following are a few of the review comments posted on my blog page at The Institute of Noetic Sciences Shift in Action site.

“I’m not exactly sure how I will use this nudge that I’m feeling, but I will say that I couldn’t stop reading your articles. You are a uniquely brilliant writer and have a gift for briefly describing your take on very complex subject matter. I look forward to purchasing your book.”

Thomas Biesiada
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“…your website is absolutely brilliant in content.. I would love to quote you in the introduction section of a manuscript I am currently editing.” L.C.

“I have read your website and…it is terrific. Congratulations! Understanding the theories and equations is very difficult for most. First of all, thank you for taking the time in your life to understand the root meanings and then bring it all together with relationship to the intuitive realm of possibilities. For “Intuitives”, there won’t be anything more informative than what you are presenting. This possibility of feeling part of science on a vibrational and integral level gives me great peace. You have found the link and through your hard work and insight you have put it all together. Only you could have seen the possibilities, the need, and the resolve. Congratulations again. You’ve done it!” M.J.L.