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Harmonizing the full range of
frontier science with current
intuitive wisdom and practice.

Demystifying science jargon and
metaphysical buzzwords with
easy to understand examples
and illustrations.

A seekers guide bringing
new models for new thought.

Author MaAnna Stephenson


What others are saying about The Sage Age

The power of the book is its groundbreaking combination of hard science with intuitive feeling. MaAnna reunites science with both Eastern and Western philosophical schools, and then reconnects science with the inner self.

I highly recommend The Sage Age to anyone seeking answers beyond those provided by the separation of science, religion, or New Age thought.

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The author's powerful achievement is her awareness of the interconnectedness of the natural sciences and the human mind, leading to an emerging paradigm shift in scientific thought.

The Sage Age is an ideal reference book for the person interested and knowledgeable in the fields of science and spirituality.

For "Intuitives", there won't be anything more informative than what you are presenting. This possibility of feeling part of science on a vibrational and integral level gives me great peace.


Combines knowledge from the physical sciences and the intuitive arts to present an unbiased perspective that harmonizes these diverse disciplines into one body of knowledge. This book is sure to open the dialog and get both communities talking.

You are a uniquely brilliant writer and have a gift for briefly describing your take on very complex subject matter.

It is likely to become a foundational reference book.

The Sage Age

in the Sept. 22, 2008 edition of
Publishers Weekly

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