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The Sage Age Book Synopsis

Combining the knowledge of physics with intuitive practice is no small task. The two disciplines often use the same words to mean entirely different things. Written for the seeker with more than a casual interest, The Sage Age – Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom demystifies complex ideas with intelligent analogies and examples designed to appeal to both the scientist and the natural intuitive.

Four years in the writing, this expansive new work combines knowledge from the physical sciences and the intuitive arts to present a visionary perspective that harmonizes these diverse disciplines into one body of knowledge.

With a well-researched approach to its subjects, The Sage Age covers a broad range of material from ancient to modern thought, frontier science and current intuitive practice to deliver a depth and breadth of understanding that culminates in a holistic perspective for our time.

Living up to its mantra of “new models for new thought,” The Sage Age is certain to be a catalyst for dialogue and is destined to be a major work in its field.

The Sage Age Table of Contents

The Sage Age Chapter-by-Chapter Synopsis

Chapter 1 – The Body Antenna 
Explores the physical body as an antenna system and how using ritual body postures and breathing techniques helps tune that antenna. It also includes a description of how broadcast and receiving antennas work and compares them to how the body functions.

Sections include:

The Body as an Antenna
Ritual Body Postures
How Light Radiates
Overview of Frequency

Antennas and the Physical Body
Multi-antenna Arrays
Near-field and Far-field Radiation Patterns

Chapter 2 – The Physical Body Transceiver 
Examines the body’s crystal lattice system, which includes the bones and compares them to the shape and makeup of antennas. It also delivers new vibrational models which demonstrate how the body communicates internally all the way down to cellular level. Included is a section on the electromagnetic light fields of the heart and brain and how they provide the power and transmission signal of the body antenna.

Sections include:

Piezo Crystals
Liquid Crystals and the Body’s Crystalline Lattice Cells
Bio-electromagnetics and Intra-cellular Communication
Smelling Shapes

Bio-electronics and Bio-electricity
Bio-photons – Light from Living Organisms
Brain and Heart Light Fields
Exterior and Global EM Fields

Chapter 3 – The Energy Bodies 
Explores the types of information that are broadcast and received by the physical body and through the energetic subtle bodies. Descriptions of the meridian and chakra systems are given as well as the characteristics of the individual subtle energy bodies. A section on morphogenetic fields describes where the vibrational information for these systems reside.

Sections include:

Meridian System
Chakra System
Subtle Energy Bodies

Morphogenetic Fields
Quantum Biological Antenna System

Chapter 4 – The Mind-Body Antenna
Delves into the mind-body antenna system and explores the power of thought, the existence of thought-forms and healing with intention. It also covers altered states of awareness including how such states are purposely used for healing, precognition and shamanic practice.

Sections include:

The War of the Worlds
PSI Research
PEAR Research and the EGG Project
Group Focused Intent
The Measurement Problem in Science
Healing with Thought
Placebo Effect
Multiple Personality Disorders
Effect of Environment
Shamanic Medical Practice
Earth Energy Effects

Shifts in Awareness
Altered States of Awareness
Near-Death Experience

Chapter 5 – Metaphysics – The Study of the Intangible World
Covers metaphysics and the study of the intangible world. It includes sections on: how dualism effects perception; the root of information and knowledge; and how most of what we notice in the world is actually projected from our own memory. This chapter also covers how we incorporate new information and determine meaningfulness and relatedness.

Sections include:

Dualism – One Understanding Itself
Information and Knowledge
Perception and Conception

Expressing Relationships
Consciousness – The New Holy Grail

Chapter 6 – Common Roots of Eastern and Western Thought 
A comparative study in the common roots of both Eastern and Western cultures, which gives insight into understanding how today’s explorations and discoveries are actually the fruit of ancient questions. It also explores the role of symbols in understanding complex, abstract ideas and why we are returning to the use of them.

Sections include:

One Origin
Western Basics

Eastern Basics
Symbols and Mathematics

Chapter 7 – Sound, Light and Time 
Covers the topics of sound, light and time as these are key ingredients into future understandings concerning our move into the age of vibration. The chapter explores how each topic has historically been used in both the rational sciences and the intuitive arts.

Sections include:


Keeping Time
Synchronicity and Coincidence

Chapter 8 – Physics – The Study of the Material World 
Explains physics and the study of the material world in layman’s terms. Sections include topics on fields and forces, phase states of matter and holograms. Each topic has simple analogies with common, everyday type examples to help illustrate the points being brought forward.

Sections include:

Atomic Theory
Many-worlds Theory
Fields and Forces
Scalar Waves

The Earth
Fired Earth
Geopathic Stress
Magnets and Lodestone
Schumann Resonance

Chapter 9 – Waves 
Defines the different types of waves including light waves and quantum waves and how waves interact to create patterns such as a hologram. Sections also include all known phases of matter and defines the special phase of ultimate coherence.

Sections include:

Light Waves
Quantum Waves
Wave Interference Patterns
Beat Frequency
Fourier Transforms

Phase States
Coherent States

 Chapter 10 – Cosmology – The Study of the Infinitely Large 
Explores the universe and shows how Einstein’s theories challenged Newtonian models and revolutionized our understanding of space, time and spacetime. There is also a section on the zero point field as it relates to cosmology.

Sections include:

Black Holes and White Holes

Relativity in Cosmology
Cheating Infinity
The Zero Point Field in Cosmology

Chapter 11 – Quantum Physics – The Study of the Infinitely Small 
Delves into quantum physics and demystifies the mind-boggling concepts this new science presents. You’ll understand why it has impacted every other branch of science and the controversial nature of what its theories imply. Sections include: faster-than-light travel; parallel universes; Chaos Theory; and String Theory. This chapter also discusses the importance of treating information as a fundamental element.

Sections include:

Causation and Causality
How Quantum Physics Began
Living in the Shadows – Back to Plato’s Cave
The Great Debates –
Wave/Particle Duality and the Observer’s Role
One Slit or Two? – The Wave/Particle Experiment
The Particle Zoo – Not Seeing is Believing
Non-locality – Spooky Action at a Distance and Entanglement
Yes, No, Maybe –
Schrödinger’s Cat and the Demise of Certainty

Dimensions – The Different Types
Parallel Universes and the Multi-verse
M Theory – Strings and Things
The Holomovement of David Bohm
Chaos Theory
The Zero Point Field in Quantum Physics
Information as a Fundamental Element
Geometrical Models of Space and Time

Chapter 12 – Medicine 
Explores the role and purpose of medicine and gives briefs on alternative therapies which are gaining popularity. Many of these practices are rooted in ancient traditions which are being combined with modern therapies.

Sections include:

The Goal and Purpose of Medicine
Drug Therapies
Massage, Therapeutic Touch and Touch Therapy
Therapeutic Touch
Magnetic Therapy
Flower Essences

Light Therapy
Color Therapy
Ayurvedic medicine
Electro Therapy