What Really Started the Quantum Revolution

Many folks assume that Einstein and his famous E=mc2 equation single-handedly started the quantum revolution. Actually, Einstein put the icing on a cake that had been baking for a few hundred years, and it was his other, lesser known equation that kicked off the whole quantum era and won him the only Nobel Prize he ever received. And, you may be shocked to learn how rooted in mysticism the whole thing is.

Birthdays and Buddhism

Do you know the date of your birth? How do you know this? Recently I listened to the Dalai Lama teach on three ways that we come to know things. The first is perceptual knowledge that comes to us through our senses. The second is experiential knowledge. Even though we may be able to convey …

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What We Say Matters

There is no doubt that what we say is a reflection of how we think. In fact, what we think becomes our belief system, that becomes our philosophy, and shifts the culture we live in every day. That is one way our thoughts become reality. Most every adult in the U.S. remembers when the term …

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The Shift and Woody Allen

While researching topics covered in The Sage Age, I read many popular books that attempted to tie quantum physics to spirituality. They all made heroic attempts to translate the basic tenets of physics, which can only be truly understood in the language of mathematics, into accessible terms for the layman and then bind them to …

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