The Downside of Perfect Clarity

Everywhere you look now there are oodles of ads for books, DVDs, and conferences that will teach you the secret of attracting your heart’s true desires. They contain two key ingredients, which are clarity of vision followed by taking action. Some folks confuse clarity of vision with omniscience; that you can see, know, and understand all with perfect precision. But that’s not what clarity of vision is.

A few forms of non-dualistic meditation require resting the mind on something, perhaps an object. Clarity is achieved when the mind takes on the shape of that on which it is resting without any distortion. One can then say, “I am that.”

Neuro-science maps the shape of the mind holding a clear thought another way; by using functional MRI (fMRI). It literally constructs a topology showing the active areas of the brain while it is engaged in various tasks.

Many ancient belief systems contain narratives of beings who can manifest anything just by thinking about it. What’s not so popularly known is that some of these narratives also state that such beings are a little envious of the human capacity to play with a multiplicity of ideas before settling on one, and delaying the enactment of it. In other words, we can play within the confines of our imagination. Or can we?

The idea that our thoughts create our reality is a very, very, very old one. It has been resurrected into pop culture by clever marketers capitalizing on the New Age Thought movement and the mind-bending notions of quantum physics. Even if folks don’t fully understand these ideas, most everyone is attracted to being in the mystery they present.

Once folks realize they can think their way into a better reality, the target then becomes to master thought control. One tool used to achieve this is known as setting an intent. The result is that once the thought is perfectly clear, it will manifest.

While contemplative meditation focuses primarily on the being side of existence, most of us spend our time thinking about the how, where, when, why of doing. That includes what we are doing now and what we want to be doing.

Over the years, it has become increasingly important to me to develop clarity of vision in all ways as a tool to learning and growing. About a decade ago, I began to notice that whatever I had become clear about manifested within a short period of time, usually in a matter of days.

What I’m experiencing now is that the clarity in long-range vision is much more difficult to achieve. When it does manifest, it’s usually before I’m ready. These days, if I’m standing anywhere near the pool when clarity comes, a universal wind gust throws me into the deep end. In other words, when clarity comes, I don’t have to motivate myself to take action. It’s an automatic coping response to manifesting.

I’ve begun to consider why those beings who can instantly manifest their thoughts might envy us. Some days that instant-manifestation thing seems a little like a Midas touch problem.

I’ve also wondered if the change is with me and if I’ve moved into a place of power that carries with it another level of responsibility. Once my ego finished playing with that idea, I noticed that those same sorts of upheavals or deep-end diving changes are happening with most everyone I know. It’s almost like the universe saying, “Here’s the new life you asked for. Deal with it.” All of this is a side-effect of living during the Shift. It’s not about lack of clarity as much as an under-estimation of how fast things are changing.

There’s no omniscience with my clarity these days. I used to be able to easily recognize the manifestation. Now I often only know it in hindsight; after I’ve unwrapped the box, taken it out, and played with it in the sandbox for a while.

So, maybe there is no real downside to clarity of vision, but I am having to learn to adapt and adjust more quickly as the manifesting changes come, including those that are personal as well as global. And, having to adapt to recognizing the package wrapping that the manifestation comes in now is not always so pretty. I think about Hawaii. That lush place is so beautiful, but the volcanic land didn’t look that way when it was first manifested.

How are you doing with the changes and how has it affected your clarity of vision?