PEARs, SQUIDs, and Consciousness – Part 1

Lost_SymbolIn The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown alludes to the research behind Noetic Sciences as having the ability to measure the effect of mind-over-matter. He mentions Random Event Generators and experiments being conducted in a specially shielded lab he calls “The Cube.”

Dan Brown is known as a master of so seamlessly blending fact into fiction that it becomes an invitation to the reader to sort one from the other. Following are a few of the facts of the real research that has been conducted over the last three decades showing irrefutable data that it is indeed possible for the mind, through focused intention, to cause a measurable affect on matter.

Privately-funded research has been carried out by several major universities in the U.S. including the PEAR project, which was an acronym for the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research program. Many of the experiments conducted by PEAR involved the measurable influence that a test subject could have upon a random event generator (REG). PEAR’s in-house lab tests were conducted over a 12-year period. During that time, they developed a variety of mind-to-machine interfaces which resulted in a mountain of statistical evidence showing that human intent did in fact affect the outcome of the machine’s performance. The deviations from truly random outcomes were small, but statistically significant.

By the 1990s, a field REG was developed by Roger Nelson that could be operated from a laptop PC. It was taken on field trips to measure the effects of group meetings, particularly those conducting rituals on sacred sites. These experiments registered a deviation six times higher than normal on the REG compared to trials in the lab at PEAR. The readings were also two times higher than field measurements taken at other gatherings.

The project officially began recording data in 1998 with 10 field REG units strategically placed around the globe. Interest and funding in the project grew and by 2004 over 60 units were in place globally.

Nelson described the deployment as resembling the configuration of electrodes as they were placed on the human head during an ElectroEncephaloGram, or EEG. Since these REG nodes were monitoring global events, Nelson dubbed it an ElectroGaiaGram, or EGG Project.

The Global Consciousness Project maintains a website where significant spikes in the data stream can be viewed. Of note are the spikes that occurred four hours prior to the 9/11/2004 attack in the U.S. and just before the Asian Tsunami came ashore on 12/26/2004. (Take note that these spikes happened prior to the events.)

In the second installment of this series, Dan Brown’s Cube will be discussed along with a special quantum measuring device called a S.Q.U.I.D. that requires a shielded room in which to operate.

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