The Noetic Scientist in The Lost Symbol

There are no coincidences.

Clinical research scientist, medical anthropologist, and author Marilyn Schlitz has worked at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) for fifteen years. Recently, she accepted the position of CEO. In just a few short months, it has become apparent that she is spearheading a shift in the organization to bring IONS into the mainstream of conversation. To the absolute delight of IONS members, Schlitz has become active on the various internal IONS blogs and, more importantly, she regularly posts on social media sites such as Twitter; radically broadening the scope of reach for IONS. (She tweets as @MarilynSchlitz) What’s even more impressive is that Schlitz uses this medium with a perfect balance of announcements and social networking. She doesn’t just talk at people. She informs and makes genuine connections. She’s taking IONS to people all over the country and the globe in a very personal way, and sharing the vast resources of research and educational programs produced by IONS that are so very relevant and helpful in our changing times.

A few weeks ago, DMarilyn_Schlitzan Brown released his latest novel, The Lost Symbol. Brown is noted for his incredible research that helps him seamlessly blend fact and fiction in his novel in such a way that it becomes not only an engaging story in which readers can relate, but it also becomes an invitation to the reader to begin their own personal investigation of the information he presents.

One of the entities that Brown features in The Lost Symbol is IONS, and the head researcher, Katherine, is a main character. She is on the cutting edge of blending the rational sciences with noetic sciences in a way that will forever change the world.

There is no doubt that Dan Brown laid a beautifully wrapped gift on the doorstep of IONS. The publicity a best seller brings to the organization is a great boon. Just one day after publication, The Lost Symbol brought IONS into mainstream conversation. The publication came less than a year after Marilyn Schlitz became CEO. The synchronistic timing of Schlitz and Brown leads one to believe that there is a wholistic quality to the movements and choices we make that serves the greater good of all. Fortunately for the rest of us, these two people chose to cooperate with that process.

IONS and Schlitz wasted no time in capitalizing on the gift Brown delivered to the organization. A 12-week teleseminar is available where Marilyn discusses the real noetic science behind The Lost Symbol. I’ve listened to the first session and must say that the more I hear from Marilyn Schlitz, the more impressed I am, and, as my friends will attest, I’m not easily impressed or swayed.

What my friends will also tell you is that I’m passionate about promoting whatever brings clarity and will help folks attain a wholistic view of our changing times. I believe the work of IONS at this moment in our evolution is critically important to that effort.

You can attend the next teleseminar in this series live on Wed. Oct 14 at 5:00 p.m. PST. The topic of science behind The Lost Symbol will be “Why Consciousness Matters.”

Schlitz has also recently been featured on National Public Radio’s program “All Things Considered.” You will find links to both audios on the Shift in Action site of IONS, which is loaded to overflowing with interviews from luminaries all over the globe in multiple fields of endeavor. I would strongly urge you to join IONS to enjoy the benefit of access to a rich library of resources and to hear this relevant series with Marilyn.

Of course, the audio from the NPR interview is freely available and is a great way to be introduced to Marilyn Schlitz and IONS.

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