Thought Forms are Real Things That Affect Us – Part 2

In his book, Messages from Water, Dr. Masaru Emoto gave credence to the power of thought with an experiment using three jars of cooked rice. One jar was given to a group of children who said nice things to it. Another jar was given to children who spoke harsh words to it. The third jar was ignored. After a month, the rice in the first jar looked as fresh as the day it had been sealed up. The rice in the second jar had become discolored and moldy looking. What’s most intriguing is that the rice in the third jar, which had been ignored, was rotten. This is not only a visual testament to the power of thought, but it also exemplifies the fact that even “negative” energy is still energy and can be put to use, as evidenced by the second jar.

Annie Besant claims that thought-forms that are directed toward others can actually enter the auric or subtle body field of their targets if, and only if, the targeted person has a pattern in their field which will vibrate sympathetically with the sent thought. An appropriate analogy of this event would be the reception of a radio broadcast signal. The broadcast information could be acquired only if the receiver could resonate with that frequency. In other words, the radio must be able to tune in to that frequency to receive it. An AM radio cannot receive FM signals.

This is a two-edged sword. If a person has strong, clear, healthy thoughts in their aura, thoughts of ill will which are directed toward them are simply reflected back to the sender with the same intensity with which they were sent. However, if a person visits an energy healer and has few healthy thoughts in their aura, very little of the healer’s vibration can penetrate into the suffering person’s field.

Barbara Brennan has a slightly different take on working with the energy patterns in the subtle bodies that comprise the auric field around a person, which she collectively calls the Human Energy Field. The method she teaches is based more on intent than simply “running energy” through the patient.

Brennan describes how the Human Energy Field becomes stagnate and unhealthy when an unforgiving attitude is held toward yourself or another. It causes distorted patterns to arise in the field and can eventually lead to physical illness. When you hold an unforgiving attitude toward another, the outer edges of your field become rigid or even brittle anytime you interact with that person. In other words, thoughts that you hold toward another person can dramatically affect you.

Brennan states that feelings and thoughts of love and gratitude are necessary for maintaining a healthy field. She says that when love enters a field, it becomes soft and resilient and expands tremendously. She goes on to say that gratitude is by far one of the most important feelings that we should consistently conjure in our being because it connects the surface level personality to the person’s core essence and to the universal energy field that supports all life.

Dr. Emoto also states that gratitude is a much more powerful energy than love. He defines love as an active energy, the act of giving oneself unconditionally. He defines gratitude as a more passive energy, a feeling that results from being given a gift, and receiving it joyously with both hands. His equation for the most powerful combination of these feelings is two parts gratitude coupled with one part love.

As described by Besant, thoughts and feelings can be felt across any distance when those thoughts are directed toward someone else. She describes them as discharging across the astral and mental subtle bodies of the recipient. Brennan addresses the near-field energies that reach out to another person. Together, the two ideas give a more complete picture of how thoughts affect us both locally and non-locally.

Brennan describes the flow of the near-field energies between two people as “bio-plasmic streamers.” Researchers, such as those associated with the Institute of Noetic Sciences are investigating such things as how a person knows they are being stared at even when their back is turned to the one who is gazing. Brennan accounts for this “knowing” by the exchange of energy that transpires between the two people’s energy fields. She also states that unforgiveness or ill-will held toward the other person stops this natural flow.

In scientific tests of these near-field emissions, ultra-sensitive scanning devices have registered specific energy frequencies emanating from the hands of energy healers and QiGong masters. These types of tests are often interpreted as being qualitative in nature. Although the measured frequencies can be specifically defined, what they correspond to is highly debatable. Given this situation, other tests have been developed to measure the influence of the practitioner on a quantifiable result such as the outcome of a random event generator, which can then be statistically analyzed.

It’s worth noting that even though tests with random event generators are useful in the gathering of statistical data, an intuitive practitioner working with a machine is very different than a practitioner working with another person. With a machine, one side of the feedback loop is missing. While statistics do show that something is indeed transpiring, it falls short of being able to explain what is happening. Testing with random event generators is just the first step in building the bridge necessary to span the gap between the rational sciences and the intuitive arts.

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