Tuning in with Yoga in New Ways

How you hold your body during meditation matters. Different body postures actually help tune in certain subtle energies.

As a graduate student in the 1960s, Felicitas Goodman was assigned to translate material for Dr. Erika Bourguignon who was conducting a study on behavior that occurred during religious experience, especially trance states induced by specific body postures. After graduation, Dr. Goodman continued the research and found that there were at least seventy ritual body postures that produced either subtle effects or full-blown altered states of consciousness.

Your body is a sophisticated, multi-faceted antenna system. From the bones to the cells you are comprised of a crystalline matrix that transceives (transmits/receives) a variety of informed energies.

Remember the old TV antennas that were atop practically every house? It’s called a yagi style antenna and had multiple rods of various lengths that corresponded to the frequency of available broadcast channels.

When you change the length of your body by positioning it in different poses, you are effectively changing the frequencies it can transceive.

Dr. Goodman found that it takes ten to fifteen minutes of holding a pose to achieve a desired state of consciousness. Think of it as moving the rabbit-ear antenna on a TV a certain way to bring in better reception of a single station.

Moving your body through fluid ritual positions like those practiced in Tai Chi are more akin to a radio scanner. They scan through all of the available frequencies and only momentarily hold a position to gather informed energies from that frequency.

Even if you only casually meditate, try different time-tested body positions and see if you notice a difference in your practice.

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