Exercise with Nature

There’s a very good reason why many Chinese gather every day at a park to perform group Tia Chi. It’s the same reason why radio broadcast antennas are located in the heartland of the U.S.

The human body is a sophisticated, multi-faceted antenna system. From the bones to the cells, it is comprised of a crystalline matrix that transceives (transmits/receives) all manner of informed energies.

The reason that transcontinental radio broadcast antennas are located in the plane states is because the soil is so rich. You see, the soil is actually a part of the antenna system. The guy wires that radiating from the center point of a radio antenna aren’t there to simply stabilize it. There is a correlating set of wires buried underneath that radiate from the antenna out to the guy wire anchors in a starburst. Rich soil is more conductive than poor soil and the healthy dirt covering the wires contributes directly to the broadcast strength of the antenna.

But what does all of this have to do with Tai Chi? One of the basic principles of this form of exercise is to exchange energy with the environment by fluidly moving the body through a series of specific postures. These motions align the body’s antenna into specific configurations that change the frequencies it can transceive.

Parks usually have lush surroundings, which is an indication that the soil is rich. Performing Tai Chi in such a place increases the effectiveness of the exercise because the antenna of the body is anchored on good soil.

So, taking a walk in a park may do you more good than running on a treadmill. Hiking a dirt trail will really ramp up the experience and give you the best opportunity for a harmonious exchange with the environment.

If possible, take some friends with you. Groups that hold the same body shape work together like a multi-antenna array, just like the VLA (Very Large Array) of antennas located in New Mexico that are used for astronomical radio observation.

If you can’t get outside or don’t live near a park, put some plants around your exercise area. Doing so will also increase the oxygen content of the air.

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