The Best Gift Ever

During this time of festivity and year-end reflection, we all seem to be consumed with picking the perfect gifts and creating a memorable holiday. Due to financial hardship, this holiday many folks have found comfort in focusing more on what is truly meaningful to them instead of buying one more gizmo.

SelfSantaThe best gifts rarely come in a box. Several years ago I started a new tradition I call Self-Santa. It began as a post-holiday shopping day with my mom because having a girls-day-out with her was the real gift. Of course, I always found a little something for me on those sprees too.

Lately I’ve come to realize that the four years I invested in researching what became The Sage Age has been the best Self-Santa gift I’ve ever received. While studying at a pace that any graduate student would envy, ultimately I gave myself the gift of knowledge that came from a real desire to know and understand.

And it has been a gift that keeps giving. From that research into so many diverse fields including science, philosophy, intuitive practice, and ancient wisdom, I was able to see the evolution of human thought in a way that brings clarity to the present and future course of our collective changes. More importantly, it showed me ways in which we have not changed at all since antiquity and why we must make different choices now.

Doing this research was like climbing a mountain. From the top I was afforded a unique perspective to see that what, on the surface, seem to be disconnected fields of endeavor were really the flipside of the same coin.

That’s when my life changed.

handcircleI began living connected in new ways. I daily chat with hundreds of like-minded folks from all over the globe. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to physicists and gurus that may not have said boo to me before. I’ve gained wisdom through the experience of living with a wholistic view and acting in accordance with it.

At this point I can’t get through the day without hearing a conversation, radio or TV show, or reading an article that does not include topics covered in The Sage Age. And it’s almost painful to know all of the relevant information they are leaving out that would make all the difference to the story, not to mention the fear due to ignorance that is being WorldHandpropagated.

We are at such a critical time in our evolution. We are moving from individual growth to developing new ways to live communally. I am so thankful that I set aside the time to give myself the gift of knowledge that will make a real difference in how I contribute to this journey we are all taking together.

I invite you to begin a Self-Santa tradition by renewing your mind and perspective into a wholistic understanding that reaches across the bridge, makes real connections among diverse fields and beliefs, and moves us forward in a new direction. The Sage Age is a four-year education condensed into one inch of paper that you can read in just a little while. But the effects of doing so will last a lifetime.

2 thoughts on “The Best Gift Ever”

  1. As an intuitive drawn toward the works of the new breed of scientists, who explain intellectually what I have felt or known (without a clue as to how to explain it!), I’m interested in reading the “relevant information” you mention as being left out. My personal experience has been that intellectual information is reduced from what is truth as I understand it beyond the words, and that we do the best we can to explain what cannot be explained! I’m looking forward to learning more from you.

  2. Kathleen, thank you for your comments and I agree with you that so much of the Noetic sciences are experiential in nature and otherwise ineffable. It’s like giving someone a picture you took of the Grand Canyon while trying to convey what it was like standing on the rim of it. However, with the sciences, both rational and noetic, details shouldn’t be hard to come produce. I’ll be giving a lecture over the next couple of months that will go to video very soon thereafter that goes into detail about the relevant info that’s missing from much of the dialogue on new science topics. It’s creating a lot of misinformation that, unfortunately, is both serving to raise fear levels among some and actually hindering our progress. I’ll also be writing more blog posts on in the next few weeks as well. Thank you so much for your interest and I appreciate your feedback.

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